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Pacific Northwest Bike Trails

All Current Trails - Sorted by Country, State, County

Distances in miles unless otherwise noted

Trail Name Description Country State County Length
E & N Rail Trail  The E & N (Esquimalt and Nanaimo) rail trail is a multi-purpose ...  Canada  BC  British Columbia  14.3 km (when phase 1 finish) 
Galloping Goose Trail  A 33-mile, mostly soft surface rail trail that runs from downtown ...  Canada  BC  British Columbia  55 km 
Lochside Trail  Partially soft surface trail that winds its way down the Saanich ...  Canada  BC  British Columbia  29 km 
Centennial Trail (North Idaho)  The North Idaho Centennial Trail is a non-motorized, multi-use ...  USA  ID  Kootenai  24  
Prairie Trail  Paved in the summer of 2008, the Prairie Trail is the newest ...  USA  ID  Kootenai  4  
Route of the Hiawatha  The downhill version of this 15 mile compacted gravel trail ...  USA  ID  Shoshone  15  
Trail of the Coeur d' Alenes  This bike path follows the Union Pacific Railroad's right-of-way ...  USA  ID  Shoshone  72 Approximately 
Bend Urban Trails  Lots of varied trails centered around the city of Bend, Oregon.  USA  OR  Deschutes  48 all trails 
Bear Creek Greenway  The Bear Creek Greenway is a narrow corridor of public-owned ...  USA  OR  Jackson  17.1 (21 when completed) 
Fern Ridge Bike Path  This trail leads the rider from near downtown Eugene to wetlands ...  USA  OR  Lane  6.9  
Edgewater Street Bike Trail (WV)  If you got excited when you saw this trail on the map, you'll ...  USA  OR  Marion  4 Approx 
Eastbank Esplanade  This beautiful trail leads from near the back side of OMSI up ...  USA  OR  Multnomah  2 Approx 
I-205 Bike Path  This trail parallels busy Interstate 205. This multi-use trail ...  USA  OR  Multnomah  9 Approx 
I-84 Bikeway  This bikeway runs along I-84 from I-205 to Fairview.  USA  OR  Multnomah  4 Approx 
Marine Drive Bike Trail  This trail follows the Willamette River from North Portland ...  USA  OR  Multnomah  17.5 Approx 
Peninsula Crossing Trail  This 4-mile trail, completed in 2002, crosses the North Portland ...  USA  OR  Multnomah  3.5 Approx 
Springwater Corridor Trail (on the Willamette)  This gem of a trail follows the Willamette River from just south ...  USA  OR  Multnomah  21 When completed 
Waterfront Park Trail  Trail follows the river in downtown Portland. Part of the 40-mile ...  USA  OR  Multnomah  1 Approx 
Richland Riverfront Trail  This trail follows the river and is popular among walkers.  USA  WA  Benton  4  
Sacagawea Heritage Trail  The wheelchair accessible 22-mile Sacagawea Heritage Trail circles ...  USA  WA  Benton  22  
Devils Gulch Trail  Rock and roll at one of the most exciting single track trails ...  USA  WA  Chelan  17.8  
Olympic Discovery Trail/ Waterfront Trail  Mostly paved trail that goes from Port Angeles to Sequim. Some ...  USA  WA  Clallam  30 so far 
Spruce Railroad Trail  Trail follows the north shore of Lake Crescent, great for mountain ...  USA  WA  Clallam  4.7  
Vancouver, WA Trails  Trail website for the city of Vancouver, WA. Individual trails ...  USA  WA  Clark  Varies w/ trail 
Preachers Slough Trail  This trail near Montesano may yet be somewhat primitive. As ...  USA  WA  Grays Harbor  4  
Larry Scott Memorial Park Trail  This crushed gravel/ dirt trail is a welcome relief for the ...  USA  WA  Jefferson  3  
116th Ave Connector  This short trail connects SE 8th St at I-405 to 116th Ave NE. ...  USA  WA  King  0.3  
116th Street Trail  This is a paved trail with a parallel gravel trail on the north ...  USA  WA  King  0.2 Approx 
277th Street Trail (277th Recreational Corridor)  There are two segments of this trail. In the western section, ...  USA  WA  King  3.5 includes road link 
65th Street Trail  This gravel trail parallels 65th Street just east of Marymoor ...  USA  WA  King  0.5 Approx 
Alki Trail  Short trail traces the shoreline of the Alki Peninsula, providing ...  USA  WA  King  3 Approx. 
Annette Lake Trail  This is a singletrack hiking trail. Bikes are only allowed up ...  USA  WA  King  0.7 Bike-accessible portion 
Bear Creek Trail  This trail skirts the boundary of Redmond Town Center, taking ...  USA  WA  King  2 Approx 
Bonneville Power Trail  Trail in the city of Auburn.  USA  WA  King  2 Approx 
BPA Trail  Short, hilly trail in Federal Way. Follows an electric lines ...  USA  WA  King  3.6  
Bridle Crest Trail  Mostly dirt path starts across the street from Marymoor and ...  USA  WA  King  2  
Burke-Gilman Trail  Long paved trail that winds from the north end of Lake Washington ...  USA  WA  King  22 Approx. 
Busway Trail  I didn't know this trail existed until I saw it on the Seattle ...  USA  WA  King  1  
Cedar River Trail  Paved trail from Renton through Maple Valley following the Cedar ...  USA  WA  King  17.3  
Cedar to Green River Trail (Lake Wilderness Trail)  This gravel/ dirt trail leads uphill to Lake Wilderness and ...  USA  WA  King  3.3  
Charlotte's Trail  This little trail meanders through woods in Farrel-McWhirter ...  USA  WA  King  0.3  
Chief Sealth Trail  Trail in south Seattle that follows power lines across Beacon ...  USA  WA  King  3.8  
Cross Kirkland Connector  The Cross Kirkland Corridor is a dirt/ gravel 5.75 mile segment ...  USA  WA  King  5.7  
Duwamish River Trail  Trail cuts through an industrial area and follows the Duwamish ...  USA  WA  King  11  
East Campus Bicycle Route  Dirt/ Gravel trail and back street combination takes the rider ...  USA  WA  King  4 Approx. 
East Lake Sammamish Trail  From near the junction of 520 & Fall City Road, this trail winds ...  USA  WA  King  10.8  
East Plateau Trail  I wouldn't list this as a trail except that it shows up on the ...  USA  WA  King  1 Approx 
Elliott Bay Trail/ Terminal 91 Bike Path  A waterfront trail with great views of the Sound that provides ...  USA  WA  King  3.4  
Emerson Street Bike Path  This short trail parallels busy Emerson Street near Salmon Bay ...  USA  WA  King  0.5  
Evans Creek Trail  Evans Creek Trail extends from Union Hill Road north to NE 95th ...  USA  WA  King  1.9  
Fryelands Boulevard Trail  This trail in Monroe parallels the Fryelands Boulevard, and ...  USA  WA  King  1.7  
Garden Ave & 8th St Trail  This urban connector provides an alternative route through Renton's ...  USA  WA  King  1 Approx 
Green Lake Trail  A divided trail heads counterclockwise around Green Lake. Don't ...  USA  WA  King  2.8  
Green River Trail  Hugs the Green River from Kent north to the south side of Seattle. ...  USA  WA  King  12 Approx 
Heron Rookery Trail  A short trail that skirts the western edge of the Heron Rookery ...  USA  WA  King  0.2  
I-90 Trail (Mountain to Sound Greenway Trail)  This trail takes riders from the edge of Beacon Hill east across ...  USA  WA  King  14.2  
Interurban Trail (north King County)  Trail from N. 110th St to N. 205th St. Rather flat in all sections ...  USA  WA  King  5  
Interurban Trail (south King County)  There are now 2 sections of trail - the old one in the valley ...  USA  WA  King  16.5 includes Milton section 
Issaquah - Preston Trail (High Point Connector)  The western trailhead branches off from the East Lake Sammamish ...  USA  WA  King  4.6  
Issaquah Highlands Trail  This trail provides a way to get from Issaquah to the Issaquah ...  USA  WA  King  2.5  
John Wayne Pioneer Trail (Iron Horse State Park)  Go from Rattlesnake Lake all the way to the Columbia River on ...  USA  WA  King  110  
Klahanie Trails  The Klahanie planned community has many short trails in between ...  USA  WA  King  Length of trails varies 
Lake Tapps Parkway Trail  This paved trail follows Lake Tapps Parkway up a steep hill ...  USA  WA  King  1.6  
Lake to Bay Loop (proposed)  Proposed trail from Lake Union, past Seattle Center to Myrtle ...  USA  WA  King  0  
Lake to Lake Trail  This trail is sometimes paved, sometimes dirt and sometimes ...  USA  WA  King  9 Approx 
Lake Washington Trail  Goes from I-90 trail in Bellevue to Renton, partially on off-road ...  USA  WA  King  6.1  
Lake Youngs Trail  Unpaved trail, somewhat hilly. Although "Lake" is in the title ...  USA  WA  King  9.9  
Lakeland Hills Linear Park  Trail heads uphill to Lake Tapps, paralleling Evergreen Way ...  USA  WA  King  2.7 Approx 
Lakemont Park Trail  This trail starts in the Lakemont Community Park. It includes ...  USA  WA  King  0.8 with loops in park 
Maple - Juniper Trail  The Maple Juniper Trail provides an east west trail connection ...  USA  WA  King  1  
Marymoor Connector Trail  When I first heard about this trail, I assumed it was just an ...  USA  WA  King  1.3  
May Creek Trail  Unpaved trail in Newcastle, primarily used by dog walkers. Follows ...  USA  WA  King  2 Approx. 
McClellan Butte Trail  Hiking trail that is also used by bicycles and horses. No bikes ...  USA  WA  King  0.5 Part accessible to bikes 
Melrose Connector Trail  This short little paved connector on Capitol Hill links neighborhood ...  USA  WA  King  0.2  
Montlake Bike Path (Bill Dawson Trail)  A short little connector trail that bypasses the busy Montlake ...  USA  WA  King  0.5 Approx 
Newport Way Trail  The trail is almost one mile in length and extends from East ...  USA  WA  King  1 Approx 
Nuthatch Trail  This paved trail wends its way through wetlands in the Redmond ...  USA  WA  King  1.9  
Pickering Trail  This little trail leads through a park that parallels a creek ...  USA  WA  King  1.5 Approx 
Points Loop Trail (520 Path west)  Combination of paved path and low traffic roads that hugs the ...  USA  WA  King  2.2 Approx. 
Powerline Trail (PSE Trail)  Dirt/ gravel trail in Redmond. Some hills, with a steep one ...  USA  WA  King  3.8 Discontinuous 
Preston Railroad Trail  Mountain bike trail  USA  WA  King  Unknown 
Preston-Snoqualmie Trail  Paved trail, mostly flat but a rather big hill when descending/ ...  USA  WA  King  6  
Puget Power Trail  Short trail that almost links Green River Trail with Interurban ...  USA  WA  King  1.1  
Rainier Multiple Use Trail  At first glance, this trail may appear to be just sidewalks ...  USA  WA  King  2.6  
Ravenna Park Trail  Main trail winds its way through a wooded ravine from Ravenna ...  USA  WA  King  1 Approx 
Redmond Central Connector  This short, flat trail heads straight through downtown Redmond ...  USA  WA  King  1.1  
Redmond Ridge Trail  This trail winds its way through the Redmond Ridge development, ...  USA  WA  King  4 Approx 
Sammamish Multiple Use Trail  The Sammamish Multiple Use Trail parallels NW Sammamish Road ...  USA  WA  King  1 Approx 
Sammamish River Trail  Paved trail from Bothell to Redmond following the Sammamish ...  USA  WA  King  10.9  
SE 28th Street Trail  This short trail skirts the edge of Robinswood Park and transports ...  USA  WA  King  1 approx 
SE Redmond Trail (Evans Creek Trail)  This neighborhood trail in Southeast Redmond runs in about a ...  USA  WA  King  1 Approx 
Seattle Waterfront Trail  Wending its way under the Alaskan Way viaduct, this narrow lane ...  USA  WA  King  2 Approx 
Seminary Trail (St. Edwards State Park)  This trail winds down a big hill to Lake Washington.  USA  WA  King  1 Approx 
Seward Park Trails  2.4 miles of shoreline paved trail and 3.3 miles of dirt trails ...  USA  WA  King  5.7 Includes all trails 
Ship Canal/ Lake Union Trail  South of its big brother (the Burke-Gilman Trail), the Ship ...  USA  WA  King  1.5 Approx 
Snoqualmie Lake Trail #1002  This trail crosses Marten Creek Bridge, passes numerous waterfalls ...  USA  WA  King  6.3 Part accessible to bikes 
Snoqualmie Ridge trails  Dirt trails that provide a connection between the Preston-Snoqualmie ...  USA  WA  King  Lengths vary 
Snoqualmie Valley Trail  Gravel/ dirt trail from Duvall to Rattlesnake Lake. Great rural ...  USA  WA  King  31.5  
Soos Creek Trail  Nice short paved trail winds through a natural area near a river/ ...  USA  WA  King  7.6  
Spiritridge Trail  This dirt trail winds from 156th Ave SE through the woods and ...  USA  WA  King  1.5 approx 
Springbrook Trail  This short trail follows the Springbrook Creek. There are few ...  USA  WA  King  2.3 Approx, discontinuous 
SR 520 Bike Path  Paved path that hugs the side of 520 from Redmond to near the ...  USA  WA  King  8 (approx) 
Sunset Trail (I-90 east)  The western trailhead starts a block or so west of 161st Ave ...  USA  WA  King  1.5 Approx 
Tolt Pipeline Trail  This gravel trail follows a pipeline from Blyth Park in Bothell ...  USA  WA  King  12 Discontinuous 
Volunteer Trail (St. Edwards State Park)  A short trail through the woods that's good for beginners. ...  USA  WA  King  0.6  
Waterline Trail  This short trail follows the pipeline right of way through south ...  USA  WA  King  2 Approx 
West Campus Trail  Short paved trail in Federal Way  USA  WA  King  1 Approx. 
West Seattle Bridge Trail  This well-marked trail takes you from E Marginal Way S to underneath ...  USA  WA  King  2 Approx 
Westside Trail  This trail follows Des Moines Memorial Drive from S. 128th St ...  USA  WA  King  4.5 Approx 
White River Trail  The White River Trail, within Roegner Park, extends along the ...  USA  WA  King  2.2  
Woodinville Valley Trail  Short unsigned trail that parallels NE 145th St, leading from ...  USA  WA  King  0.5  
Cross Island Trail  The Bainbridge Island Park District plans to fill a missing ...  USA  WA  Kitsap  Unknown 
Coal Mines Trail  Gravel/ dirt trail traces through an old coal mining area. Cell ...  USA  WA  Kittitas  4.7 Approx 
Klickitat Trail  The 31-mile gently graded Trail starts in the breathtaking, ...  USA  WA  Klickitat  31  
Willapa Hills Trail  Winding its way from Chehalis to South Bend, this trail visits ...  USA  WA  Lewis  56  
Cushman Powerline Trail  This paved public trail runs from 14th Ave NW to the Kimball ...  USA  WA  Mason  5 Phase I + II 
Milwaukie Riverfront Trail  Short little trail that provides a nice respite from the local ...  USA  WA  Multnomah  1 Approx 
64th Street Trail  Located adjacent to 64th Street, this trail links into Grandview ...  USA  WA  Pierce  0.2  
Fennel Creek Trail  The City of Bonney Lake received a $1 million grant from WSDOT ...  USA  WA  Pierce  1  
Foothills Trail  A beautiful paved trail that follows a river from Puyallup to ...  USA  WA  Pierce  18 Approx. 
Fort Steilacoom Trail  A 1-mile paved trail crosses the northern section of this park ...  USA  WA  Pierce  1  
Grandview Trail  Located along the top of a 200-foot bluff, Grandview Trail offers ...  USA  WA  Pierce  1.2  
Nathan Chapman Memorial Trail  Named in honor of Sgt. Nathan Chapman, a South Hill resident, ...  USA  WA  Pierce  1.6  
Puyallup River Levee Trail  Undeveloped trail between 11th Street in Tacoma and the western ...  USA  WA  Pierce  7  
Puyallup Riverfront Trail  Puyallup's Riverfront Trail is approximately 5 miles from the ...  USA  WA  Pierce  5  
Ruston Way Trail  Extends along the waterfront in Ruston, near Tacoma. The Tacoma ...  USA  WA  Pierce  2 Approx 
Scott Pierson Trail  This trail runs from near S 25th& State in Tacoma across the ...  USA  WA  Pierce  6.1  
Soundview Trail  The trail winds from Cirque Plaza across the northern edge of ...  USA  WA  Pierce  2.5  
Sumner Link Trail  The views continually change as this trail meanders through ...  USA  WA  Pierce  8 (includes 1 mi bike lane) 
Water Ditch Trail  Proposed trail for city of Tacoma  USA  WA  Pierce  5 (when complete) 
Salem Parkway Trail  This trail is in pretty good shape for the most part. Takes ...  USA  WA  Polk  4 Approx 
Cascade Trail  The trail parallels State Route 20. The surface is crushed rock ...  USA  WA  Skagit  22.5  
Padilla Bay Shore Trail  Padilla Bay Shore Trail is a 2.25 dike top bicycle and pedestrian ...  USA  WA  Skagit  2.2  
Tommy Thompson Trail  Paved trail in Anacortes that hugs the water, and provides a ...  USA  WA  Skagit  3.3  
Centennial Trail (Snohomish County)  An enormously popular recreational trail for walking, bicycling, ...  USA  WA  Snohomish  30  
Golf Course Trail  Trail follows the perimeter of the Lynnwood Municipal Golf Course.  USA  WA  Snohomish  1.5  
Interurban Trail (Snohomish County)  Paved trail/ bike lanes from edge of south Snohomish County ...  USA  WA  Snohomish  15.1  
Lowell Riverfront Trail  With its trailhead located just off Lenora St. (which becomes ...  USA  WA  Snohomish  1.7  
Mesika Trail  This trail is an enigma. The only mention of it on the Internet ...  USA  WA  Snohomish  0.5 Approx 
North Creek Trail  Parts of this trail exist, and parts are in the planning stages. ...  USA  WA  Snohomish  8.5 (currently) 
Riverfront Trail  This short paved trail parallels the north bank of the Snohomish ...  USA  WA  Snohomish  0.7 Approx 
Scriber Creek Trail  This trail intended for walkers can also be used by cyclists, ...  USA  WA  Snohomish  1.5  
Smith Island Trail (Langus Riverfront Trail)  A three-mile paved trail begs for walking, jogging and biking ...  USA  WA  Snohomish  3.5  
Terrace Creek Park Trail  This trail follows Terrace Creek through a wooded ravine. The ...  USA  WA  Snohomish  1 Approx 
Whitehorse Trail  Trail heads from Arlington towards Darrington, following the ...  USA  WA  Snohomish  27 Approx 
Centennial Trail (Spokane)  The Spokane River Centennial Trail is a non-motorized 37-mile ...  USA  WA  Spokane  37  
Columbia Plateau Trail  The Columbia Plateau Trail, managed by Washington State Parks, ...  USA  WA  Spokane  130  
Fish Lake Trail  The trail begins near the heart of Spokane and heads slowly ...  USA  WA  Spokane  10  
Chehalis Western Trail  The Chehalis Western trail starts in southern Thurston County ...  USA  WA  Thurston  22  
Clear Creek Bike Trail  The 1.4 mile paved section of trail begins at the Silverdale ...  USA  WA  Thurston  6.4  
Deschutes Valley Trail  The City of Tumwater anticipates starting construction on a ...  USA  WA  Thurston  1 (when built) 
Evergreen Parkway Trail  This off-road trail follows both sides of Evergreen Parkway ...  USA  WA  Thurston  4 Approx 
Gate to Belmore Trail  The Gate to Belmore railroad line was acquired in 1996 by Thurston ...  USA  WA  Thurston  12.5 (When completed) 
I-5 Bike Path  Bike path that hugs the side of I-5 through Olympia and Lacey. ...  USA  WA  Thurston  4.2 includes on street parts 
McLane School Trail  This short trail winds its way through forest and meadowland ...  USA  WA  Thurston  1.9 with short spur included 
Woodland Trail  Trail under development in Olympia and Lacey. Currently it is ...  USA  WA  Thurston  3.5 (when complete) 
Yelm Prairie Line Trail  The City of Yelm acquired a 4.8 mile stretch of abandoned railroadthat ...  USA  WA  Thurston  0.3  
Yelm to Tenino Trail  Nicely flat paved rail-trail in south Thurston County that takes ...  USA  WA  Thurston  13.5  
Black Mountain Trail  Moderate Trail. A connector from the Horse Camp to the Black ...  USA  WA  Whatcom  1.7  
Hemlock Trail  This is the main east / west connector of the Chuckanut Mountain ...  USA  WA  Whatcom  4  
Hertz Trail  Trail follows the old Blue Canyon mine railroad grade along ...  USA  WA  Whatcom  0  
Horse Camp Trail  Moderate, 0.4 mile one way. Pleasant connector between the Horse ...  USA  WA  Whatcom  0.4  
Interurban Trail (Whatcom County)  Follows an abandoned railroad grade above Chuckanut Drive. ...  USA  WA  Whatcom  5.9  
Lookout Trail  Moderate, 1 mile loop including road portion. Trailheads at ...  USA  WA  Whatcom  1  
River Dike Trail  Meanders along the tranquil Nooksack River. A myriad of forests, ...  USA  WA  Whatcom  2.2 Flat? 
Semiahmoo Spit Trail  Wonderful easy access for all interests and abilities. Great ...  USA  WA  Whatcom  0.8  
Squires Lake Trail  0.4 mile trail to lake partially follows abandoned railroad ...  USA  WA  Whatcom  2.2  
Bill Chipman Palouse Trail  A ten foot wide paved trail, accessible to people of all ages ...  USA  WA  Whitman  7  
Cowiche Canyon Trail  The main trail in Cowiche Canyon is a old rail road that was ...  USA  WA  Yakima  2.9  
Yakima Greenway Path  The Yakima Greenway Path is a continuous, 10-mile paved walking/biking ...  USA  WA  Yakima  10  

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