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Cedar River Trail

 Paved trail from Renton through Maple Valley following the Cedar River. Gravel/ dirt trail continues to Landsberg. Slight elevation gain from Renton to Maple Valley, but it's so flat it's hard to tell. You may see deer (The Night Rider almost hit one!) and other animals. The downtown section is more of a pedestrian walkway - in fact the first mile of the trail starting from Lake Washington is off-limits to bikes, and there are several "dismount zones" further along. The section from where bikes are allowed until the pavement ends in Maple Valley is 11.5 miles long. From this point you can continue on to Landsberg on crushed gravel if your tires allow. Note that the Renton section of the trail has a 10mph speed limit.
Trail sign near I-405

Location: King County
City(s): Renton, Maple Valley, WA
Length: 17.3 miles.  

Elevation: northwest to southeast
     Gain  300
Facilities Trail Condition  
Drinking Water:  Yes
Restrooms:  Yes
Benches:  Yes
Picnic Tables:  Yes
Surface Type:  Mixed
Surface Quality:  9
Scenery:  7
Lighting: 0

0 = none/ the worst
5 = average
10 = excellent

Burien SeaTac Tukwila Park Map
King County Bike Map
Renton Bike Map
1. Connects to the Cedar to Green River Trail in Maple Valley. (That's the branch heading to Lake Wilderness)

Directions: To Renton trailhead: From I-405, take Exit 2, towards Renton/Rainier Avenue. Continue one mile northbound on Rainier Avenue, past 2nd Street. Turn east (right) at the traffic light at Airport Way. Airport Way bends to the left and becomes Logan. Turn west (left) on North 6th Street and follow it to the end - this leads into the Cedar River Trail Park. Once in the park, turn north (right) on to Nishiwaki Lane. Go to the end of the street and park.

Photo Gallery

An annoying dismount sign before the underpass on Logan Ave.

Occasional outdoor art entertains trail users.

The 'downtown' section is often paved with brick.

Amenities such as water and restrooms are available at parks along the way.

This bridge goes over the water, while the I-405 highway bridge goes above it.

The eastern sections of trail are the widest.

A former railroad trestle bridge is now part of the trail over the Cedar River.

The trail parallels the Maple Valley Highway for awhile.

A minor road crossing next to the highway.

Crossing under a road is more fun than waiting at a crosswalk.

A view of the Cedar River from a bike bridge. Photo - Adam Calabrese

Near the end of the trail in Landsburg. Photo - Adam Calabrese


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