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Lake Youngs Trail

 Unpaved trail, somewhat hilly. Although "Lake" is in the title of this, don't expect to see Lake Youngs. It's part of the Seattle water system and is far enough behind a chainlink fence that you're unlikely to even get a glimpse of it.
Picture coming soon

Location: King County
City(s): Renton, WA
Length: 9.9 miles.  

Elevation: Small hills
Facilities Trail Condition  
Drinking Water:  No
Restrooms:  No
Benches:  No
Picnic Tables:  No
Surface Type:  Unpaved
Surface Quality:  4
Scenery:  2
Lighting: 1

0 = none/ the worst
5 = average
10 = excellent

Burien SeaTac Tukwila Park Map
King County Bike Map
Lake Youngs Topo map
Renton Parks Map
1. Near the Soos Creek Trail

1. King County is considering a connecting trail to Lake Youngs Trail

Directions: SE 184th St and Old Petrovitsky Rd to SE 224th St and 164th Ave SE, Renton WA

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