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Interurban Trail (north King County)

 Trail from N. 110th St to N. 205th St. Rather flat in all sections except north of 200th. There is a fancy railroad-style trailhead marked "Shoreline Interurban" at Meridian Ave & 205th St. South of this entrance the trail roughly parallels Meridian and goes up a bit of a hill. There are a couple smaller trails that branch off to the left towards some apartments. (The trail crosses 200th and continues on, coming out on 1st Ave NE next to the graveyard near 195th St.) To connect with other sections of the Interurban Trail, turn right at 200th St and follow the bike lanes about 3-4 blocks for the next part of the trail heading south, across the street from the Aurora Village Park & Ride. The trail passes by a small lake park before threading its way between businesses and homes. At 165th street, a new bridge takes you across Aurora Ave in style. Go up to 155th St and do a 180 degree turn to find the ramp over 155th St. This takes you to the final segment of the Shoreline trail that extends to 145th St, ending at a small rest stop that resembles a small train depot. From there, ride 17 blocks south on Linden Ave N. to try out the Seattle section of trail from 128th St to 110th St, opened in spring 2006. It's flat and only 1.1 miles long, with one road crossing. From there you can head south on neighborhood streets to eventually reach Fremont and downtown Seattle. New route signage makes it easy to follow the route of the "Interurban North".
Sign for the Interurban Trail in Shoreline

Location: King County
City(s): Seattle, Shoreline, WA
Length: 5 miles.  

Elevation: Some hills in north section
Facilities Trail Condition  
Drinking Water:  Yes
Restrooms:  Yes
Benches:  Yes
Picnic Tables:  Yes
Surface Type:  Paved
Surface Quality:  9
Scenery:  4
Lighting: 2

0 = none/ the worst
5 = average
10 = excellent

King County Bike Map
Seattle Trail Expansion Map
Shoreline Interurban Trail Map
Snoh Inturban to Burke-Gilman
1. The trail links to the Interurban Trail in Snohomish County via 76th Ave. (Trailhead comes out on 205th at Meridian/ 76th Ave)

Photo Gallery

The southern trailhead for the Seattle Interurban Trail at N 110th St.

Artwork along the trail comes to life as you move by.

Crossing a neighborhood street - watch for traffic.

The off-road trail comes to an end at 128th St, but bike lanes connect to the northern segment.

Bike lanes run from 128th St to 145th St.

Trail map at the 145th St trailhead.

Crossing the 165th St bridge requires cycling up a ramp.


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