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8/16/14 Added trails SE 28th Street Trail and Spiritridge Trail as well as updates to other trail entries
8/10/14 Updated trail description and added picture for Bear Creek Trail as well as minor updates to other Redmond-area trails
8/9/14 Updated trail description and added pictures for Cross Kirkland Connector
1/24/13 Updated the entry for the Snohomish Centennial Trail to reflect the new extension to the Skagit County line.
1/17/13 Added Cross Kirkland Connector, the Redmond Central Connector and updated name of Potlatch Trail to Lake to Bay Loop Trail
4/29/11 Restored missing pictures for the Scott Pierson Trail.  Updated some trail info for various trails.
8/26/11 Restored pictures for the Busway Trail.
8/25/11 Added some more pictures for the Burke-Gilman Trail, North Creek Trail and Snohomish Interurban Trail.
8/19/11 Added A picture for the Yelm to Tenino Trail. (If I'd realized I had no pics for it, I'd have taken more when I was there!)
8/18/11 Added some pictures for the Interurban Trail in north King County.
8/14/11 Added some pictures for the Burke-Gilman Trail, Sammamish River Trail and 520 trail.
8/11/11 Added links from one trail to another in the Connections section. I've got most of them linked now and I'll catch the stragglers later.
8/9/11 Added some pictures for the Snohomish Centennial Trail.
6/9/11 The tunnel on the John Wayne Pioneer Trail reopened on July 5, 2011.  The Mountains to Sound Greenway folks have it on their website, though it is buried pretty deepy - see this page for details.
6/6/11 Switched web hosts AGAIN and things are just about back to normal. Email me if you see anything funky....
5/6/11 I just switched web hosts and things are not quite working yet. I appreciate your patience....
6/24/10 Added the Nuthatch Trail and the 65th Street Trail. Created a separate entry for the Southeast Redmond Trail. Added pictures for Redmond Ridge Trail.
6/22/10 Updated some trail reports.
6/20/10 Added the Cowiche Canyon Trail and the Yakima Greenway Path. Added more pictures for The Interurban Trail, Springbrook Trail, Garden Ave & 8th St Trail and updated some trail descriptions.
6/18/10 Added pictures and updated trail information for the 277th Street Trail, the Green River Trail and the Interurban Trail. Also removed "Regional" from the title of the Interurban Trail since it does not appear on signs.
6/16/10 Added pictures for Cedar River Trail. (Forgot all about these shots I took 2 years ago!)
6/15/10 Added the Newcastle Waterline Trail and added pictures for Sammamish River Trail, Woodinville Valley Trail and Powerline Trail.
6/11/10 Added Charlotte's Trail.  Added pictures and revised listing for Evan's Creek Trail and Powerline Trail.
6/10/10 Changed name of SR 520 Path (west) to Points Loop Trail, revised the listing and added pictures.
6/7/10 Added trails in Auburn: the Lake Tapps Parkway Trail and the 277th Trail. Also updated some trail descriptions and many map links (why do cities feel they have to completely restructure their websites frequently?)
6/4/10 Added the Redmond Ridge Trail and the Westside Trail (SeaTac). Corrected some web links.
6/3/10 Added pictures for Spokane Centennial Trail, Marymoor Connector Trail and East Lake Sammamish Trail. Updated website addresses for some King County trails.
6/2/10 Added entry for the Richland Riverfront Trail and a picture.
6/1/10 Added pics for the East Campus Bicycle Route. Renamed trail from "East Campus Bike Route" to match current signage.
5/31/10 Added 116th Ave Connector trail and some new photos for Seattle Waterfront Trail, Alki Trail and West Seattle Bridge Trail.
5/30/10 Seattle has separate trail signs for Alki Trail and West Seattle Bridge Trail, so I've separated them into two trail entries.
5/27/10 Added new pictures for the Issaquah - Preston Trail.
5/26/10 Updated some trail entries. Merged Issaquah to High Point Regional Connector, and Issaquah - Preston Trail entries.
11/9/09 Added the Columbia Plateau Trail near Spokane, the Bear Creek Greenway near Ashland, OR; Seminary Trail and Volunteer Trail in Kenmore; and the Bend, OR Urban Trails
10/20/09 Added the Fish Lake Trail near Spokane.
9/19/09 Added the Marymoor Connector Trail.
7/6/09 Added the North Idaho Centennial Trail and The Prairie Trail, and added some additional info/ corrections to many trail listings. Also added some new photos from Adam Calabrese.
5/19/08 Updated some of the trail information. Added a couple new proposed trails in Thurston County.
5/15/08 Added pictures of the John Wayne Pioneer Trail
5/7/08 Finally got a new and more reliable web host!
12/18/07 Added the Devil's Gulch, and Klickitat trails. Updated links and info on other trails.
10/29/07 Added the Busway Trail with pictures.
9/14/07 Added the Emerson Street Bike Path and updated miscellaneous trail entries

Added pictures and details for the Scott Pierson Trail and the Cushman Powerline Trail

8/27/07 Added some trails in Pierce County
8/16/07 Added the E&N proposed trail in Victoria, BC.
8/16/07 Added my review of the new Chief Sealth Trail along with pictures
8/16/07 Added some pictures for BPA Trail, I-90 Trail and Gallopping Goose Trail. (Finally got these posted. Some have been lurking on my hard drive for up to a year!)
3/1/07 Added some trails in Idaho, and in Whatcom and Benton counties.
10/13/06 Added a few new Bikely.com trail maps, links to this page, and ability to search by state/ province.
10/12/06 Added more Oregon trails, as well as pictures for many of them.
10/11/06 Added some new trails in Oregon, and updated expansion plans, etc. for many trails. Will be uploading new pictures as soon as I have time.
7/9/06 Added some Issaquah trails and new pictures of these and the 520 trail.  Still have quite a backlog so more will be arriving as I have time to process them.
5/29/06 Updated some Eastside trail information.  New pictures coming soon!
5/13/06 Added new pictures of I-90 Trail and 520 trail
5/12/06 Added pictures of East Lake Sammamish Trail
5/12/06 Added Padilla Bay Trail and Cross Island Trail
5/12/06 Updated trail information
5/1/06 I got a real digital camera, so I will be slowly replacing those crummy cameraphone shots!
4/20/06 Updated information on East Lake Sammamish Trail
12/23/05 Updated information on northern King County's Interurban Trail
12/23/05 Added news to trails about future expansions
9/13/05 Added trails from Olympia and Bellevue
9/6/05 Added 2 trails in Lynnwood
9/6/05 Added What's New page
9/6/05 Added search by city
9/5/05 Added ability to display pictures in trail listings



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