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Burke-Gilman Trail

 Long paved trail that winds from the north end of Lake Washington to Ballard. Some new segments go from the Ballard Locks to Golden Gardens Park. Great scenery with views of the Ship Canal, Lake Union, Lake Washington and downtown Seattle. Trail connects with the Sammamish River Trail near Blyth Park in Bothell. This trail is very popular, especially near UW.
A scenic spot to pause for a trailside rest in Fremont, complete with a view of Lake Union

Location: King County
City(s): Seattle, Lake Forest Park, Kenmore, Bothell, WA
Length: 22 miles.  Approx.

Elevation: Mostly flat
Facilities Trail Condition  
Drinking Water:  Yes
Restrooms:  Yes
Benches:  Yes
Picnic Tables:  Yes
Surface Type:  Paved
Surface Quality:  5
Scenery:  8
Lighting: 5

0 = none/ the worst
5 = average
10 = excellent

Connection to Snoh Interurban
Kenmore Parks Map
King County Bike Map
Missing Link map trail map
1. Connects in Bothell with the Sammamish River Trail
2. Cross the Fremont Bridge to connect with the Ship Canal/ Lake Union Trail.

1. Seattle plans to complete the missing link of the trail from 11th Ave NW to the Locks
2. Newspaper article about delay of the missing link of the Burke-Gilman Trail.
3. Federal funding for the segment of trail from 11th Ave NW to 17th Ave NW has been received as of 3/6/2006.
4. Connecting trails to University Village and the Ravenna bicycle lanes are in the planning stages.

Photo Gallery

Near the beginning of the trail in Kenmore, the trail passes under 26th Ave NE.

Next to the golf course, the trees keep the trail in almost perpetual shade.

Several underpasses keep riders from having to stop for lights.

Sunset over Lake Washington at Logboom Park in Kenmore

Route signs are popping up all over Seattle to make navigation easier.

Miles of tree-lined trail await the jogger and biker.

Trail divides, then recombines in another 200 feet or so.

Burke-Gilman Trail passes under a neighborhood bridge.

Multiple crossings of local streets require diligence from riders.

Trail passes over Sand Point Way.

Apartments abut the trail.

On the east side of the UW campus, shade shelters the weary rider from the sun.

Turn left at this crossing for the easiest route to Montlake.

When crossing busy University Ave, keep an eye on traffic.

Some stop signs here like to flash you.

Burke-Gilman Trail passes under the University Bridge.

I-5 crosses the bridge above your head.

Riders head left and walkers head right.

A view of Lake Union and downtown Seattle from the trail.

The Space Needle points the way.

Near Gasworks Park the path is divided between walkers and riders.

This business is right next to the trail - watch for walkers!

Houseboats abound along the ship canal.

The Aurora Bridge passes overhead.

Crossing under the Fremont Bridge.

Truck crossings are common in Frelard. (Fremont + Ballard.)

Watch for cars driving into and out of the Fred Meyers parking lot.

The end of the main section of trail. Keep going straight to reach the other segment.

Many bicyclists have gotten injured here - cross tracks as instructed.

The newest section of the trail starts in front of the Ballard Locks and goes to Golden Gardens Park

A railroad drawbridge crosses the ship canal.

Crossing Seaview Avenue.

This section of trail parallels a working railroad.

After crossing the tracks, the trail comes down a ramp next to Seaview Avenue.

Even a long trail like the Burke-Gilman must come to an end - at Golden Gardens Beach Park.


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