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  Database Mechanic - That's what I do for a living.  So if you want to build a new database, or your old one needs a tuneup, call me! Savoy Swing Club - Promoting Lindy Hop in the Pacific Northwest.
  Biking - One of my big passions is bicycling. Here are some suggestions on where to ride in the Puget Sound area, and a search engine to find bike trails in the Pacific Northwest. SQL Locator - What's really cool here is the product.  Find words or phrases in data blindingly fast in a SQL Server database. You don't even need to know the table structure!


Find a Hike - I've set up a web page to help you find a hike based on criteria like distance, difficulty, etc.  Check it out! 5/11/2012 - Just fixed the link so try again! Mountaineers Singles Activities - Outdoor adventures, social stuff and more...
  View Earth from different satellites - Hey!  Is that your house I see? Contemporary A Cappella Society of America (CASA) - Just do it A Cappella!
Dances at the Mountaineers Club - I used to run a couple of these. Kiss this guy - Archive of misheard lyrics.  As Jimi Hendrix would say, "scuse me, while I..."
   Cross country skiing - Weekly expeditions!  (But only when there's snow, you psycho!) Brake Director - How to stop your bike with one hand! (I created the website.)

Green for Good - Buy green and do good!
   Water Slide Parks - OK, I admit it - I'm addicted to water slides! Google - It's easy to spell and they don't use pop-up ads, which makes it my favorite search engine!

  Yall come back now, hear?