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Cushman Powerline Trail

 This paved public trail runs from 14th Ave NW to the Kimball Drive Park and Ride Lot and up to 96th St NW near Burnham Drive. The trail occupies the land adjacent to or under the Cushman Power line for much of the way. The middle section follows sidewalks through the middle of Gig Harbor before resuming its wide (16-foot) paved aspect. A trailhead with parking for 12 cars is located at 14th Ave NW, and parking is also available at the Kimball Drive Park and Ride. Phase II is now open, and connects to the existing trail at the Pierce Transit Park & Ride on Kimball Drive and ends at 96th Street NW (off Burnham Drive). A trailhead with restrooms and parking is located at the end of Grandview Street.
Sign near southern trailhead

Location: Mason County
City(s): Gig Harbor, WA
Length: 5 miles.  Phase I + II

Elevation: (Phase I section)
     Gain  226
Facilities Trail Condition  
Drinking Water:  Yes
Restrooms:  Yes
Benches:  Yes
Picnic Tables:  Yes
Surface Type:  Paved
Surface Quality:  9
Scenery:  7
Lighting: 1

0 = none/ the worst
5 = average
10 = excellent

Bikely Trail Map (Phase I)
Forever Green Trail Map
Pierce County Bike Map
1. The southern trailhead stops about 1/2 mile from the Scott Pierson Trail, which heads across the Narrows Bridge to Tacoma.
2. The section near the park and ride lot connects with bikelanes into downtown Gig Harbor.

1. Pierce County is working on extending the trail by an additional 2.5 miles (see page 7)

Directions: Take Highway 16 west toward Gig Harbor. After crossing the bridge take the Olympic Drive NW exit, turn right onto Olympic Drive, then left and follow it as it turns into Soundview Drive. Turn left onto Hunt and follow it to the Kimball Drive Park & Ride where the trail originates. If you’re driving from the East side of the Narrows bridge, access the trailhead at 14th Avenue NW: Take the first exit (Exit 8) after the bridge off the westbound lanes of Highway 16. Turn right off the exit and left onto Reid Road. Travel 0.5 miles and find the well-marked trailhead on your left (the south side).

Photo Gallery

Southern trailhead

Looking back at the parking lot

The trail has lots of rolling hills like these

City limits to Gig Harbor?

Mileposts abound on this trail

Crossing the road

There are tourist brochures, water and public restrooms at the kiosk

This short section is on the road or sidewalk (take your pick)

Though you will see a few bikers, pedestrians are more common

End of the road near the Kimball Drive Park & Ride


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