Yow, I love a good water slide park.  There is one within an hour's drive of Seattle, plus some others farther away that are worth the trip.  Here's my list:

In the Pacific Northwest

Wild Waves/ Enchanted Village - The closest park to Seattle, it includes an amusement park for the same price.  Which is probably why it's a bit pricy.

Astoria Aquatic Center - A waterslide, lazy river, hot tubs and more just across the border in Oregon.

Birch Bay - Smaller but a good value and near the Canadian border.  Some real fun tube slides, some with 3 people in a tube! (Formerly called "Wild 'N' Wet" - hmm, wonder if someone got threatened with legal action?)

Cultus Lake Water Park - Great water park in British Columbia, Canada not far from Hope.  Fun slides, nice wooded area and nearby camping.

Emigrant Lake - A water slide near Ashland, Oregon.

Great Wolf Lodge - An indoor water park at a lodge.  Stay at the lodge (pricy!) and you get to use the water park free.  Small place but it's got 6 six pretty good slides.  Near Centralia, WA. (Also other locations in the midwest and on the East Coast)

Lively Park Swim Center - It's pretty small, but if you're in Springfield, Oregon drop on by.

Raptor Reef Indoor Waterpark - Wow, this new place is open year-round!  In Hayden, Idaho

Silverwood/ Boulder Beach Waterpark - Part of the biggest theme park in the Pacific Northwest, the water slide part of the park is fun.

Slidewaters - OK, road trip to Lake Chelan!

Splashdown Park - I pass this park on the way to the Vancouver Island ferry.  The one day I stopped to check it out one summer was a day when it was cold and rainy -- so they closed!  Looks like fun though.


Farther afield

Big Surf - Went here on a high school choir trip to Arizona.  The wave pool was amazing -- I must've surfed a quarter of a mile!  Tried it years later and it didn't seem nearly as good.  Perhaps they turned down the wave machine?

Mont St. Sauveur - Wow, why does Canada have so many cool water parks?  This one near Montreal looks like a must-do.

Schlitterbahn - I always wanted to go here when I lived in Texas, but never made the trip.  Hmm, maybe during the next school reunion?

Village Valcartier - I've only been to this park near Quebec City, Quebec during the winter, when it is a winter park complete w/ inner tubing and SNOW RAFTING!  It is so much fun - looks cool for summer, too.

World Waterpark - A large indoor water park at the big mall in Edmonton, Alberta.  You've got to see it to believe it -- you can even bungee jump indoors!

??? - There were once water slides on the Ile Ste. Helene in Montreal, Quebec, but I can't seem to find the website or remember the name.  It was pretty fun, though that huge vertical slide (as high as the bridge over the St. Lawrence River) was a killer!

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