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[Cross Country Skiing - it's fun!]
Cross country skiing -- it's a great way to stay in shape and you see cool mountain scenery at the same time!  I lead a group almost every weekend from the Seattle area, and you can join us if you . I don't charge anything - it's my way of forcing myself to get out there and get some exercise, and I love company! Visit my links to weather conditions, ideas on how to dress (you thought your mama dressed you funny!), where to buy new or used equipment, where to go and much, much more!
Upcoming trips:
  • Waiting for more snow...
Last week's adventure: 
[Cross country skier - with parachute!] Shopping on skis.   Relive our escapades on the weekly adventures link, plus check out the Photo Gallery!
Trails              Meeting spots            Ski links               Weekly adventures            Dan's home page

Help ban snowmobiles in Yellowstone National Park - 
visit the National Park Action site!  Why?  Here's why.
  News flash:
Beware if you ski at night in Maine. Owl attacks!